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After spending years as the vocalist and rhythm guitar player in the smooth jazz band Horizon, as scary as this is, I am finally pursuing something on my own in music. My first project, A Thrill of Hope, is a collection of Christmas songs and was released in November of 2021. Over the past three years, I watched this music and the unique arrangements of the songs on this album move people in an incredibly special way. It has led to thousands of dollars in donations to various local charities and maybe most importantly, brought people together.


After the past few years we’ve had I couldn’t think of a better title for the project than A Thrill of Hope. These words come from the song O Holy Night, which describes a beautiful image of how the world should be: a law of love, oppression ceasing, and the weary and broken made whole. If this music does anything for you, I want it to make you feel hopeful. Hopeful for the light in whatever you may be facing, hopeful that things will change, and hopeful that we have the ability to bring change that is needed.


I hope you’ll give it a listen.


Love, Liz.

A Thrill of Hope is Liz’s first release and will be followed by a collection of original music in 2022. You can listen to A Thrill of Hope HERE.

Watch one of the concerts that inspired the album:

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