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Liz Jane's journey reflects an idyllic upbringing, surrounded by a loving family and bolstered by the belief that everyone holds inherent value. Her quiet introspection and dedication to perfection shaped her approach, allowing her to eschew comparison and focus on refining her craft.

Following the traditional path of academic excellence and career progression, Liz felt a persistent call to music. This inner melody, a divine gift, led her through a gradual realization that she must share her musical talents. With newfound resolve, Liz embarked on a purposeful pursuit of her passion.

Step by deliberate step, Liz's path unfolded, guided by kindred spirits who offered support and encouragement. Today, her life is a symphony of melodies and aspirations. Music has become her priority, a testament to the power of embracing one's essence and sharing it with a receptive world. Standing at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, Liz exemplifies the harmonious blend of self-discovery and purpose.


Women Who Rock

Liz was featured in the December 13th - January 16th 2022 edition of Good Times Magazine in the Women Who Rock section. Read the article here.

2022 Highlights

2022 Highlights

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