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Starting guitar at the age of 12, Liz Jane began developing her skills and studying guitar with Jim Bachety, a successful smooth jazz musician from New York, and immediately started playing in church in Beaufort, South Carolina. At 18 she was selected to play in a group of Jim’s top students, known as the smooth jazz band Horizon. After years of playing in small bars, clubs, and theaters around the Lowcountry and recording an album as Horizon's lead vocal and rhythm guitar player, Liz Jane is now pursuing her own music as a solo artist.


Pulling on her influences of jazz alongside her love of acoustic folk and harmonies, Liz has released her first project entitled A Thrill of Hope, an album of Christmas music. In addition, she is currently experimenting with different sounds and melodies as she records her debut collection of original songs. Read more about her project A Thrill of Hope, and sign up to be the first to know about anything new!

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